With a Lokee Silent Disco package you require no extra equipment, just your music. It’s an exciting way to make your Christmas or New Years party this year stand out and works well whatever the venue. Let your guests take control of the tunes and maybe see who is the best DJ at the party.


We do specialised small party packs to make your house party thumping – without annoying the neighbours! Turn your house into a club for the night with one simple hire pack, delivered and collected at your convenience with easy to follow setup instructions.


What better way to end your special day! With up to 3-channels you’re able to play all your favourites and still have something for your Dad to shuffle to. If you can’t agree on the music and you want the marriage to last – save the arguments and have a playlist each!


Whether for a big night in or the warm-up for a big night out, a Silent Disco is brilliant fun at a Hen Party. Let the bridesmaids pick the playlists and the bride can decide which is best during a raucous hen sing-a-long!

KIDS PARTY (Ages 4+)

With brilliant kids playlists on music streaming services it’s never been easier or better to host a Kids Silent Disco party!

Our new LED headphones are a great spectacle and with up to 4-channels to switch between, even the parents might get something to dance too.

Camping & Glamping

A great way to add some music and dancing to your camping weekend away without disturbing others.

Our transmitters have in built lithium batteries that we can pre-charge for you, so you will not need mains power. Just connect your phones or tablets and away you go!


Silent Disco is a favourite at any festival or event. It is a great solution to playing audio without disturbing people with loud music – whether it be local residents, campers or other attendees. What’s more exciting than hundreds of people singing and dancing to different tracks in the same place?


Want music at your event? Our equipment is a great solution to give your attendees something to dance to when there is a licensing restriction or neighbours you don’t want to disturb. Great music quality and easy to manage. Throwing a Street Party? We’ve got you covered!

Free UK Delivery And Collection

All our equipment comes with setup instructions and there is a technical support number if required.