27-31 Cato Street North, Birmingham, B7 5AP
Lokee Events Ltd. Terms & Conditions for Silent Disco Hire

1. Lokee Events Ltd. retain the right to provide a substitute Silent Disco package
hire if the date of hire or should circumstances make it necessary.

2. Lokee Events Ltd. retain the right to cancel the hire if our staff or courier should
discover on arrival to deliver that access is restricted or dangerous.

3. Lokee Events Ltd. cannot be held responsible in any way what so ever for guests
who interfere with the equipment and sustain injury due to this interference.

4. The named hirer on the booking confirmation will be held responsible for any
Damage, losses or thefts caused to Lokee Events Ltd. or hire partners equipment
by the actions of themselves, guests or others during the hire. This includes any
water damage.

5. Any extra time requested at the end of the term the hire was booked for will only
be at the discretion of Lokee Events Ltd. and may incur an additional charge.

6. Payment of the refundable security/damage deposit must be made to secure a
booking for the hire and the hire fee must be paid within 6 weeks of the hire date.
If the booking is not cancelled or the hire fee is not paid 6 weeks before the hire
date Lokee Events Ltd. have the right to retain the security/damage deposit.

7. The named hirer agrees that any lost or stolen or damaged Lokee Events Ltd. or
hire partners equipment will be the responsibility of themselves and that any lost
or stolen or damaged equipment will be charged to the named hirer at a cost of
£20 per headphone, £100 per transmitter, £10 per lead, £20 per transport
container, lost/stolen batteries at £30 per 100 and any missed collection or
delivery at £25.

8. The Hirer’s liability for lost, damaged or stolen equipment is not limited by the
amount of any deposit paid.

9. Payment for invoices for any losses, damages or thefts are required immediately.

10. The hirer may be liable for loss of earnings, if Lokee Events Ltd are unable to
fulfil any orders as a result of equipment being lost, damaged or stolen; during
their hire.

11. Charges will be deducted from the deposit and any balance will then be

12. The named hirer agree it is their responsibility to pack equipment securely and to
use the cable ties provided to secure containers before collection. The hirer is
liable for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment as a result of failing to do so.